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Camera’s live view continuously cuts out and I get very minima recorded scenes - even after upgradin

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This camera, or your service, is absolute junk. The camera cuts off after a couple seconds or minutes. I even purchased the Nest Aware Plus and I don’t even get 24/7 recording. I even went so far as to have my internet and modem upgraded from my internet provider just to have the same problem!!  I either need to have someone correct this or refund me for everything. I have been spending money right and left and I am beyond my boiling point. 




You could try contacting Support starting with the link below:

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi BenaKey,  I'm an end user like you.    Which camera do you have?  

I know  you probably did all this but first some trouble shooting questions:  

How far is the camera from WIFI?   Have you tried moving the camera closer to your WIFI base station to see if the problem goes away?

What kind of WIFI Router do you have?  

Are you using the NEST APP or the GOOGLE HOME APP?  

Have you tried viewing the camera from another phone?

 Or maybe from your computer to see if it still cuts out?

Hello!  I have tried all of those things and even got my internet upgraded and a new modem. The ring doorbell works great but the indoor camera does not - it keeps losing connection after 5-15 secs and I even upgraded to nest aware plus and I don’t even get the 24/7 recording. The camera is 3 ft from the modem.  The camera can only be used the home app, nest won’t allow it to be added. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


Checking in — I just wanted to make sure if you’ve seen MplsCustomer and EmptyNester’s response. Let  me know if you need anything else.


I appreciate the help here, MplsCustomer and EmptyNester.




Nothing has helped 


I'd have some of the same questions that had:

What kind of Wi-Fi router do you have.

What happens when you try to view your camera on the "preview"/beta website in a computer browser?

As I suggested earlier, you could try contacting Support, so you could determine whether it's your new camera or Wi-Fi issues.

Same problem. 3 cameras, all dropping out at different times. I have the recording package so I can see that they fail at different times. They all use to work flawlessly and then we missed an important security event because the camera stopped recording. We upgraded the router, thinking that was the problem. It is not.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey BenaKey,


Were you able to speak to our support team as shared by MplsCustomer? If so, how did it go? Let me know if there’s anything else.


Thanks for your continued assistance, MplsCustomer.