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Cameras Buffering Constantly

Community Member

When will app be updated?!


Did everything Google suggested and nothing is working to fix it! Rely heavily on the two cameras for child safety.

 No device is failing like these cameras are. 

How can you send a $500 refund or replace and fix the issue immediately





It is POSSIBLE that you have TWO defective cameras. But it's also possible that you MAY have bandwidth problems on your Wi-Fi network that are worth investigating. (For example, do you have mesh Wi-Fi?) We have an Xfinity router and 2 Linksys wired routers serving as access points, and we do not have any buffering issues with multiple cameras and doorbells.

Thank you Mpls,


we have 1 GBps internet on an Eero Mesh. We have over many connected devices working flawlessly, including ring cameras and doorbells which work without a lag or lapse in performance.


This issues seems to be prevalent when accessing the cameras from the Nest app. 


I don't have any further suggestions besides researching possible Wi-Fi issues, and I don't know anything about Eero Mesh Wi-Fi. The alternative explanation is that BOTH of your Nest IQ Cameras are defective or are failing, but if they're IQ cameras they're most likely past Google Nest's 1-year warranty.

I don't know what steps Google Nest has suggested to you, but have you tried just restarting your two cameras by unplugging them briefly?

Yeah I double checked all devices on the Mesh. Everything was running optimally without any lag. Even the other google product google nest hub max is running without an issue. The signal is quite strong as well not upload and download in the areas of the cameras 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,

If you're seeking a replacement, please fill out this form, and a higher tier of support will reach out to you with next steps. 


As a side note; we unfortunately do not offer replacements for parts. If your device is no longer under warranty, we aren't able to offer a replacement. 


Thanks for your help, @MplsCustomer.

Best regards,

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey everyone,

@Veritas23, we got your form — thanks for filling it out. Our team will reach out to you via email to further assist you. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to create a new thread as I will be locking this thread after 24 hours.

I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer and Brad.