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Cameras don’t load on cell data with dual sim

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I have an iPhone 13 and use an e-sim for personal and the sim tray for work mobile. Cameras work fine on wifi but they seem to struggle to decide which data to use even when I set the mobile data to one particular sim.  I have had to go back to carrying 2 phones but when separated, they work on the cell data no problem!


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Heliadam,

Thanks for posting here in the Community. To confirm, what is the iOS version of your iPhone? Have you tried to check if there are any settings that you need to change with your e-sim? Have you called Apply and ask them about the settings of your e-sim? Particularly about cellular data usage. Let us know how it goes.


16.3.1.  No settings to change.  have tried setting the primary data.  Yes spoken to apple.  They said is a google thing. So until i can figure it out, I have had to go back to 2 phones which is annoying

Google dont care.  I bet it doesnt happen on their phone!

Even when priortising the one data and stopping data on the other, same thing.  have to disable the second sim.  defeats the purpose.  Gone back to 2 phone which is annoying.  is the quality of the images wasnt as good they are, i'd have stayed with Arlo!

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I am experiencing the same issue on my dual sim iPhone SE 3 (v16.4.1, but also back since I got the Nest camera for Christmas 2022). Once I disable my secondary sim card, the live feed inside Google Home app works just fine on cellular data. Weird that it's behaving this way!

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Google need to fix this.  I've had to go back to 2 phones for this specific reason!  Bloody annoying!  never happened with Ring or Arlo.  Wishing now I had stayed with Arlo!

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I am experiencing the exact same issue.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

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Same thing iPhone dual sim in use. Should have no effect on an app loading cameras.  My cameras in the old nest app work flawlessly, it’s something in the new Google home app itself.

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Having same issue. Dual sim dont work. Hate having to disable a sim in order to use the App. If i didnt invest too much in these cam i would have switch otherwise

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same problem here. If I turn off 1 sim it works fine. otherwise it's just misery. Google needs to fix this.