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Cannot set up nest battery camera

Community Member

I once had my battery camera set up and I have unsuccessfully been able to get it reconnected. I have tried everything I have followed the instructions. The lights have turned to their respective colors and nothing. It’s spools for several minutes after it says it’s connected to Wi-Fi and then nothing happens.




Not knowing what happened before that caused your camera to disconnect, I would suggest trying the following:

Charge the camera's battery.

Remove the battery camera from the Google Home app if it is still there.

Do a "factory reset" of the battery camera by pressing the reset button for at least 12 seconds (

Reinstall the battery camera in the Google Home app.

I will look more into the battery, but it’s a fairly new camera. I charged it and followed all the instructions did a factory reset no less than 10 times with no success.


Well, I really don't know what's happened in your case--whether your camera just quit working or whether it's offline due to Wi-Fi issues.

We've had a battery camera for almost 19 months, plugged in with the optional power cable, and it's always "Live" and online.

But if you think it's the camera that is malfunctioning, you could try contacting Support, starting with this link: