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Google home app live video asks to restart and loses video fees.

Community Member

Hey everyone, we got 2 of the 2nd generation nest indoor cameras for our daughter's nursery and playroom. I have the app on my Amazon 10 fire tablet and after having the live feed on, in the Google home app the camera stops the live feed, goes black and says to hit reset. Once I hit reset it goes back to the live feed. It has done this both during the day when I have her playroom live and at night in her nursery. The live feed will be on for a couple of hours then the reset shows up. The camera itself is still recording everything so it seems to be the Google home app. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 




Interruptions to the live video feed from Google Nest cameras is a chronic issue reported in this forum. It happens to us from time to time. I wonder whether Google Nest's servers sometimes can't handle the load.

@MplsCustomer it is sooo frustrating because we got rid of our owlet camera and now I totally regret it. I found so many forums after posting this and not one Google representative has been able to help with this. Very disappointed...