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Cold weather concerns with Nest Doorbell Battery

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Similar to some other posters here, I recently noticed that my Nest Doorbell battery (activated 2021-08-28), although wired, had lost much of its charge (down to 3%, indicated a 23 hour time to charge in Google Home app).

The 23 hour recharge estimate remained unchanged for 3 hours when kept wired to doorbell wiring.

From another recommendation on the forum, I decided to try unplugging from the doorbell wires and taking the doorbell indoors to charge via USB cable until 100%.

My doorbell remains plugged into a USB port, showing 2% charged, and an 18 hr 29 min time until full. It has been plugged in now for 1 hour, with no noticeable change in charge condition.

Outdoor temperatures have only recently dropped to below 0 degrees Celsius for longer than a few hours (max -7 degrees C).

Should I be concerned about the battery condition and how this doorbell is reacting to colder weather? Winter has yet to truly begin, and I am worried that this doorbell will not be functional as temperatures continue to drop. I know that ambient operating temperatures fall within -20 and +40 C (as indicated here).





Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey folks,

We appreciate the feedback on our battery Cameras and Doorbells. Our team is looking closely into this behavior, and we will continue to pass along reports we see here in the Community. To learn more about cold weather battery charging behavior in Nest cameras and doorbells, please stop by our Help Center.


Best regards,


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So was there a firmware update that addressed this issue?  I installed my battery doorbell (after fully charging it)  yesterday and hard wired it.  It went to - 15C    and the unit still shows  plugged in  Infiniti  .  It was installed at the rear door with the rear wire at the doorbell moved to trans .  This will not allow it to ring the doorbell but does give it full power charging all the time. I use a nest speaker for doorbell.  Did it not get cold enough ?    Am I missing something?  It seems to work fine so far.


As long as it's connected to power it will show infinate. But if you ask Google for the battery capacity it will tell you the percentage. 


After recharge it will drop to 75% and is suppose to maintain 75% when the outside temperature is above 0°C. 


I charged mine yesterday too. It's +2°C right now and I am at 98% right now. 

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I have a feeling this was changed by Google behind the scenes. Mine used to show battery percentage once it fell below 75%, but now it only shows plugged in. My Google devices confirm that I'm at 60% but it's showing "Plugged in".

My software version from a screenshot on Feb 15 was 1.59 and it is still 1.59 today. For what it's worth, I tried a factory reset and left all settings default and it has managed to stay alive for the last month or so. However, temps didn't drop too low over the past few weeks either so hard to say.

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I just asked google  and it says its at 97%  battery.  I will ask it again later tonight when it drops to -20c  its -7c currently.

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When you guys had it shut down  because of cold would it still work as a doorbell and send a push notification to the phone or google home?  Just not send an image?  

If you have a chime connected, that will still work. Nothing else will.