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Cameras and Doorbells

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Floodlight Camera activity zones

I thought these newer cameras would have been better at not giving notifications outside of the zones. These floodlight cameras are notifying me of every movement in my neighbor and my neighbor's neighbor's yard. Is there something I'm not doing? I t...

EddieW by Community Member
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3 Battery camera's

This is really a "getting started" issue, however, I have 3 nest Battery cameras I purchased. The initial set up was fine and they worked fine. I had to overhaul my home network and had to reset passwords. In that, i could never get the camera's to r...

Nest Hello doorbell is peeling - Attn: Brad

Hello,We installed a Nest Hello when we built our new home, approximately two years ago. I have not been able to locate my receipt, but we did sign up for Nest Aware Plus when the doorbell was installed. We also have two of the Gen 3 learning thermos...

Nest Hello peeling - Lloyd bales.jpg
lhbalesjr by Community Member
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Broken Mount for New Nest Wired Camera

I am trying to find where I can purchase a new back mounting plate for my new nest wired doorbell camera.The small tab that locks the camera into the backing plate was broken off during installation, and I have the camera held in place with a piece o...

Doorbell chime

I got a new battery doorbell for Christmas. My existing doorbell chime is shot and have a wire issue with it. Is there a wireless electric chime that works with Nest doorbell? I get notifications on phone but the phone isn't always with me in the hou...

WhyNot21 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Cam IQ Outdoor won't zoom out

I had to reset my camera because my home WIFI password changed and during the process the camera has zoomed in and I can't do anything to unzoom it. It looks like it's zoomed all the way out when I pinch and expand, but only shows a portion of what i...

tillsond by Community Member
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Replacement Power Adapter wall plate

How do I find a replacement wall plate for the power adapter? I purchased the camera a while ago and can’t find the wall plate for the power adapter. Thanks, Steve

Stfarris by Community Member
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Nest Camera Home Page NOT Streaming on my PC

I'm been using nest for years. After investigating other provides (like Arlo), I decided to stay with Nest (Google), adding doorbells and other new Nest products on order. However, today my camera page (showing all cameras on one w...

DanLB by Community Member
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