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Wired doorbell V2

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My Nest Hello doorbell is continually recording 6 seconds of video over and over labelled Sound throughout the night, so I thought I would upgrade to the wired V2. It would seem this isnt available in the UK at this time..  Or am I looking in the wrong place?

Thanks for any info..




Apparently, the 2nd Gen Google Nest Doorbell is still not available in Europe.  I don't know why; I'm just another Google Nest customer.

You could try just restarting your Nest Hello (by briefly turning off the circuit that includes your doorbell) to see if a fresh start gets rid of the "Sound" events.

Thanks for the info. I briefly looked at the nest doorbell battery, but it has loads of bad reviews, and don't understand why the v2 is not available here.  With regard to my problem I found that my settings had been changed to include sound notifications, probably due to an update or something,  so is now working as it should.

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Hi folks,


Happy to hear that! I appreciate the gesture. It looks like we can consider this one complete, so I will be locking this in 24 hours if we won't hear back from you again. Feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.


Thanks for your help, Mplscustomer.