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Where to find my QR code for my nest cam wired spotlight camera

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My Nestcam wired spotlight camera V2 was installed and worked great then lost wireless connection.  I tried to reconnect and cannot find the QR code.  How do I reconnect?  I turned power on and off, reset modem etc and it will not connect.  I have a green light on the camera..but no connection


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hello @eaf1580,

Thanks for reaching out. The QR code location is different for each Nest product, but it’s typically found on the back, bottom, or inside the battery compartment. For Nest Cam (battery), Nest Cam (wired), and Nest Cam with floodlight the QR code is located on the sticker on the front of the Nest camera lens.

You can also manually type in the key or serial number.

  1. Tap Continue without scanning at the bottom of the QR code scanning screen. Then type in your product’s entry key or serial number.
  2. You can tap Find the code or Show me how, and the app will show you where the serial is located on your product.

Hope that helps! 🙂



The QR code on the floodlight camera is on a sticker on the front face of the camera that should be saved with the Quick Start Guide. If you don't have the QR code sticker, you can select "continue without scanning" and enter the 6-character Setup Code imprinted on the bottom of the camera. You may have to remove the cable to read the Setup Code. You cannot install Google Nest cameras using the serial number.

You can see where the Setup Code is at about 1:22 in the install video:

If you are re-installing your camera, you may need to do a factory reset (see below), or you may get an error saying the camera is already connected to an account (yours). Typically, however, if your camera just goes offline, you don't need to do a factory reset and reinstall your camera. You might have some other issue.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,

Thanks for bringing this up to me, I'd love to take a look into this for you. The first troubleshooting step that I'd recommend would be to restart your device. This process should keep all your settings, and reconnect it to the same Wi-Fi network. This might be helpful if it ever freezes, has connection problems, or isn't working normally.

Best regards,

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey everyone,

@eaf1580, I'm dropping by to ensure that everything is covered here. How's it going with your Nest Camera? Were you able to read the information and check the links shared above? Also, were you able to perform the steps they've suggested? We'd be glad to hear from you.

I appreciate the help, listairee, MplsCustomer and Brad.


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Community Specialist

Hey there,


I'm just checking in to make sure that you've seen our response. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns as I will be locking this thread in 24 hours.