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Faulty camera experience

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Seems I'm always having to wait to see a picture and then 50% of the time it says there are issues with reception and perhaps its the battery. So I invested the 40 bucks to hardwire the thing. Was good for a couple weeks but now back to spotty reception again. So I decided perhaps its the wifi signal. So I bought a wifi extender at Costco. Made no difference. I have Cox internet and a fairly new Cable modem. Everything else in the house on wifi works fine. Is this thing really that crappy? Hard to believe Google Nest would put out such a bad product for more money than its competitors. 

I finally got them to agree to send me a replacement (after 15 minutes on chat and then again 20 the phone). 3 days later they send me an email saying they will send me a replacement REFURBISHED. And put a 195 hold on my credit card till they get my old one back. WoW great customer support. I’m done with google. Nest was good but now Google could care less if their products work. Don’t Buy!




If you have a faulty NEW Google Nest Camera (Battery), it does NOT seem right to get a REFURBISHED one to replace it, with a hold on your credit card on top of it.

I'm sorry to hear that plugging yours in with the optional power cable didn't solve your problems. Maybe the power connection is faulty (with the camera or the cord) and it's not on power all the time, especially with other customers reporting similar issues. I guess we've been lucky with ours.

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Thank you but no the power cable is fine. Spent an extra 40 dollars for it and still didn't solve the problem. I guess what upsets me most is all the time I spent with Google support and this is how they handle it. Sad really. Guess they are so big now they don't care. All the more reason to look elsewhere for a good camera. 

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