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How do you remove nest doorbell (battery)?

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New style battery doorbell is too firmly attached to take off to recharge. Using the tool at the bottom as advised or the top as in a previous solution doesn’t work. Any more suggestions? Thank you. 




We have Nest Hello doorbells (where the release tool is inserted at the bottom of the doorbell) and not the new Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) (where the release tool is inserted at the top of the doorbell. Maybe the "Wired installation" video on the Google Nest Help website ( will help.   Starting about 4:38 in the video it shows inserting the release tool (or a flathead screwdriver) into the top of the doorbell and then pushing the doorbell straight up to release it. (The battery-powered installation video shows the same thing.)  This is NOT how the Nest Hello doorbell is removed and I'm guessing the release tool (or flathead screwdriver) must trip or release some sort of latch that then allows you to slide the battery doorbell straight up in order to release it.  Hopefully the visual in the video will help you.  Good luck.

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