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Cameras and Doorbells

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No audio from doorbell history videos

Hi, I've set up my battery doorbell today. When I look back at the history videos there is no audio, I have the microphone switched on. I tried it out and done talk and listen conversations to make sure the doorbell worked okay, but looking back at t...

AngieR23 by Community Member
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Door bell

I'm having way too many issues with the doorbell...worked ok for only a week or so, after that it keeps disconnecting from the internet (it's wired) the camera goes offline on her own and the bell ring is not working with the phone, tried turning the...

peres1 by Community Member
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Nest doorbell won’t lock

Doorbell will won’t lock into to the holder all of a sudden. Because of this I am not getting notification when someone is seen by the camera. I checked all the settings and notification on the app and the phone with no luck. Only had it for 4 months

Edgarg37 by Community Member
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Nest doorbell hard wired charging issues

We set up our Nest doorbell camera a few weeks ago after fully charging it first with the USB cord. We decided to hard wire it where our existing doorbell was. We previously had a Ring doorbell camera but decided to swap it out with the Google Nest c...

Jbarday by Community Member
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Google doorbell

I have just installed a Google battery doorbell and it has linked to all my Google nests in the house and rings when it goes off which is great but I don't want it to ring on my daughters bedroom nest how do I remove this one from going off when the ...

Gallzer by Community Member
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Resolved! How to exclude a single Google Home display.

So, my setup.I have 6 Google Home Displays.I'm added the Nest Doorbell.I want to exclude a display or two from alerting when the Chime button is pushed.One of the displays is in an office and that person works from home and can't have interruptions.I...

Kotawolf by Community Member
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Nest camera slow charging

I have three cameras. I usually wait until a camera says three days left before I charge it.It doesn't happen all the time but I'm getting "slow charging - use the correct cable and plug". It can happen with any of the cameras.I've swapped cables/plu...

tomg35 by Community Member
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