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Cameras and Doorbells

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my nest cams indoor associated with my G-suite account

HiI used to have no problem using my two indoor cameras but then I believe my professional google account has migrated to a G-Suite account which I believe does not support Nest, right? I cannot use my cameras any more.I started fresh with a new pers...

alaind by Community Member
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Connecting a nest cam

Hi, i wanted to follow up on my battery nest cam outdoors. after Brad was very kind and patient trying to solve my connection issue for several weeks, i was able to resolve the issue by exchanging the router that xfinity was providing.we had upgraded...

Setting specific hours to get notify and record only

hello Best Community.. I am hoping someone can assist me with a question regarding configuring my Google Camera settings. I have a camera in the garage, we also have a gym in there besides storing cars, every time someone is working out in the gym ar...

Razzi29 by Community Member
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Nest cam outdoor battery video playback

I notice when I open events or play a live feed, the video is jittery when playing it back. It happens on both Max and High video qualities. Also not sure what the expected connection time is, but when I connect to live view, it takes approx 3-4s to ...

rayray519 by Community Member
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Nest doorbell wired

Hello.Is it possible to get replacement mounts for the wired nest doorbell. My father of 85 years recently moved house and we can not find the mounting bracket anywhere and would like to reinstall his doorbell for his peace of mind. I look forward to...

58herbie by Community Member
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2 Chimes, 1 Doorbell with phantom ring

Having an issue with phantom ring. I have the wired doorbell with 2 chimes, each of which have 2 wires. I have the pick installed on one of the chimes and the doorbell itself works fine. The problem is I randomly get phantom chime from the chimes. I ...

Compatible indoor bell

Having a hard time finding what speakers will work with my nest doorbell (battery). Just looking for something that will chime when anybody press the nest doorbell. Has to be wireless. All help is appreciated.

ranman106 by Community Member
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No audio from doorbell history videos

Hi, I've set up my battery doorbell today. When I look back at the history videos there is no audio, I have the microphone switched on. I tried it out and done talk and listen conversations to make sure the doorbell worked okay, but looking back at t...

AngieR23 by Community Member
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