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Lack of functionality and support

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These cameras worked well in 1st and 2nd generation iterations by Nest before it sold to google. Since then, these cameras are mostly useless. I own 6 and have not changed to a different brand, mainly because I did not want to spend another $1200 - $1500 on a camera security system after investing so much in Nest. My question to google is, when will these products and software become more than an afterthought? If you are just going to run Nest in the ground, how about a complete refund? Consumers deserve better.


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I feel your pain.  I had their original mesh network and after the moved the Google Wifi to be part of the Home app it lost some MAJOR functionality which caused the entire network to crash.  I spent DAYS with support trying to reset the devices, and when they did they were MUCH MUCH worse in terms of functionality and range!  They kept telling me I needed to get the Nest versions, and *I* kept telling them that the Nest versions do not have a hardwire option which was a requirement.  I ended up replacing everything with a bunch of Omada gear.  Cost me more in terms of up front cost, but since then I've had one issue that took a simple Google search and less than an hour to resolve.  So net I'm probably about the same right now.  Range on the Omada stuff is crazy too, I am almost a block from a small park and I'll retain my connection through about half of the park! 😄

I had 10 cameras from another company.  They kept making promises about their software and stuff.  Overall the devices were decent and the price was good.  Then once they had suckered a crap load of people in they say how all the stuff they promised will not be behind a paywall, and even 24/7 recording (to an internal SD) will require a subscription.  All in it was looking to be about $20/yr, which doesn't sound bad until you take into account I have 10 of them, and the fact that they were taking away functionality and forcing a subscription really P'ed me off so I just threw them all away.

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  • I have 3 of the 1st gen outdoor cameras. Love them. And love the nest app. I have one new camera, the Google home app is not as good. However up until this morning I could scroll through footage on the new camera, not just recorded incidents. This morning that option is gone and the app is different. I am LIVID. It’s been just over 30 days so I don’t think I can return to home depot!!!