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Moving to a new house with your Nest Camera with new wifi

Community Member

I recently moved and it took me about an hour and a half to figure out how to move my two nest cameras (with battery) to my new apartment. 

Here were the steps I took, and I'm not sure which one solved the issue but here it goes:

I took the cameras off of the magnetic wall hangers (probably doesn't matter)

I reset my phone and reset the google home app and cleared all the data I could from the app, including removing the devices from the previous location.

I set up a new location but did not connect it to the wifi, I have cleared the memory of the wifi networks. 

I did a hard reset on both devices: I pressed the reset button until I heard a chime. This takes many, many seconds. 

The light turns BLUE on the cameras when they are ready to pair. 

I tried turning wifi, my bluetooth and airplane mode on and off. 

Finally, I paired the devices, keeping my phone and the cameras plugged in and close together. 

Something about all these things finally made it work. I think it was the hard reset, with the chime. 



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi kellyscatcamera,


We truly appreciate you taking your time posting here your issue and for sharing with us the steps you've done to resolve it. Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns as I will be locking this after 24 hours. Feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.