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Nest Cam Battery Outdoor Battery Issues

Community Member


So i purchased two of these new Google Nest Outdoor Cameras which are sold as battery powered. As i wanted 24/7 recording, i was told that the cameras have to be hardwired. Purchased x2 outdoor weatherproof cables and had a google installer fit them.

The camera on the back garden has the floodlight connected also and has been connected to power without any issues.

However the front facing garden camera has been an absolute nightmare.

Past couple of weeks the camera has randomly started draining battery even though it is hardwired??

I have spoken to Google Customer service and they’ve said they aren’t aware of any issues like what i am experiencing and are “helping” me by replacing the unit.

They have supplied me with a replacement and i have installed it back on the house after charging it to 100%.

Originally i was told that it was due to me changing the settings where the camera was recording longer than it should and it needs time to recharge, however i charged it two days ago, also done a factory reset and re-installed it.

2 days later the battery was fully depleted. How is this possible because I’m constantly looking at the app and there’s times it shows plugged in with an infinity sign but then randomly shows a battery percentage?

What is going on with these cameras? I live in the UK not anywhere near the North Pole so it’s not a case of it being extremely cold?

The previous camera i had from google worked fine but was a farce using two apps so i sold the older generation only for the new generation to be an absolute shambles.

What can i do other than demanding a refund and moving to Arlo…