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Nest Cam Indoor Unable to Join Wifi Network

Community Member

I have a Nest Cam Indoor (Single) purchased in 2019. It has been operating without any issues until Monday when it suddenly went offline, nest app alerted me to that.

I followed the debugging guide and tried removing it from my existing Space and adding it again. I used the app on my iPhone to add it by scanning the QR code on the back. I got a C119 error message.
I then tried to add it using my laptop. I got a C309-403 error message.
In both cases, the setup process detects the device, asks me for Wifi username and password, and then throws the above error messages. I have attached screenshots.
I repeated these steps after doing the following -

1. Removing and reinstalling the Nest app on my phone.

2. Using a different Wifi router.

3. Using a mobile hotspot.

4. Powering down the Nest cam and waiting for 5 minutes before attempting to add it.

During this entire process, the light in front of the camera is blinking Blue.

I spent half a day with Google support on chat debugging this, and we repeated all the above steps with no luck.

I have checked my router and network settings. All nodes including the router are ping-able for all other nodes. No firewall or IPS is blocking any connections.

Any ideas on how to further debug this? Is my camera bricked?


Community Member

Error message pics attached.

iOS error messageiOS error messageLaptop error messageLaptop error message