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Cameras and Doorbells

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Comparing the new 2nd generation Nest Cam (indoor, wired) to its predecessor, Ne... Read more

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Offline cameras

I have 2 next outdoor cameras, one stopped working a few months ago it will not connect to internet & the other goes on & off line all day/night most of the time if I have a problem & need to look back on cam it’s not recorded as it was offline nest ...

Ljkp123 by Community Member
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Google Nest Hello Doorbell Peeling and Flaking

A couple of years after installing our Nest Hello doorbell it looks horrible. The finish on the black bezel is flaking off starting from all the edges. It feels like the coating the Nest chose for this purpose was not suited for long term use and fai...

Steph514 by Community Member
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Nest Cam with floodlight (wired) Mounting Height

I am installing the Nest Cam with floodlight (wired) in a new location. How high should it be off the ground? I can mount it anywhere between 12 feet and 25 feet. 2) It also has a motion sensor is there a recommended height for that?

Nesgoda by Community Member
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Nest Hello Wired Chime connector not working

I just installed my Wired Nest Hello to a working Mechanical door bell system. I can't get the mechanical chime to work when the chime connector is installed. When I remove the chime connector from the mechanical chime the chime works well. It's like...

otto38 by Community Member
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Resolved! Red circle around IQ outdoor cam

One of our four IQ camera has a red circle around, the other one are ok and with a perfect communication since 4years.we already put the power off, reboot wifi,….i don’t what’s the meaning of this color, can you help us?

Nest aware

I can't access my nest aware plus and add my doorbell. Anyone know how I can, please?

EoinB79 by Community Member
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Sharing Nest camera with my neighbours?

I already have some Nest products at my cottage. I'd like to install a camera facing the lake so that I can check on the ice conditions during the spring thaw, but I'd also like my neighbours to be able to access the camera so that they can also chec...

jgatley by Community Member
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