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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest Camera Outdoor

I purchased a 4 pack of cameras last year and all has been great so far. Now, When charging the camera it says “Charging Slowly” and to use a compatible charger and cord. I’m using the cord and charger than came with the camera. I even tried the seco...

Lammers25 by Community Member
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Nest Cam (2nd gen) blue light doesn’t show

I have two nest doorbells and just got a nest cam 2nd gen. It says it should chime and turn white when plugged in to start setup. It just had the green light. I factory reset and the white light blinked on and then went out. When I plugged it in, it ...

JoeH by Community Member
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Website for Google Home Camera

I have some older NestCams and some newer Google Home cams. The newer cams are accessible on the Google Home app. But I cannot see how to view the camera online (like how I can view my nestcams on How do I view my cameras when I do no...

jml by Community Member
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Have some one set up a nest wired camera in a different city

I have a home in a different city from where I currently live. I currently have 2 nest thermostats at this location. A friend is going to add 2 nest wired 2nd gen cameras. How does he do this so that it shows up on my google home app? don't really wa...

Kathyw1 by Community Member
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Small metal bracket worn down

The chime wasn’t working when I plugged directly into the doorbell so used the extenders and that got it to work, however the top part of the small metal bracket is now worn down and won’t clip in. Is there a way for me to get a replacement or somewh...

A5habib by Community Member
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Frozen Videos 1

Hi, I have the Nest Doorbell (wired) at home and I noticed that every time I want to see a events/video from the history it freezes, I’m unable to see them, not even the videos from the same day. It keeps freezing. Please help. This started weeks go,...

gabbyg by Community Member
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Nest Cameras wont connect to new Router

We just got a nest system installed. unfortunately we had to change our router and OMG the system just went dark. We cant see any of our cameras and no matter how many times we have reset the cameras, router etc. The cameras fail to connect. I have t...

SJVentura by Community Member
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