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Nest Floodlight

Community Member

Maybe it would be appropriate to place on webpage that this is NOT for soffit installation. I’ve bought two cameras now that I can’t use because that was NOT specified on the floodlight homepage. Very disappointing. I have many nest products and was looking forward to this one, but what a let down. Maybe, google should come up with an adapter that can install to soffit base plate in order to use this setup. I will be looking to send these back, unfortunately 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi, Isurefugee.

Sorry that the cameras you purchased don't work with your situation. You are correct, the cameras are not designed to mount to a soffit, due to the way a soffit would block some of the camera's functionality. As this is a use case for others, we have seen this suggestion come through and we do pass that along to our internal teams. Hopefully in the future the cameras will have a version that works with your setup needs. If you need anything else, please feel free to reach out and start a new discussion thread.