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Nest Hello Delaminating on a covered porch Part 2, previous post locked.

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@Brad .  The form you posted does not generate any response, useful or otherwise. 

Why do you lock these threads?  The implication is they are solved, but that is not the case. 

Feedback appreciated,




My Nest Hello Doorbell is peeling.  Looks horrible.  I have a covered porch and my home faces north so it doesn't even get any direct sunlight.  Phone support says there is nothing they can do since it is out of warranty.   I have Google Nest cameras on the back of my house in direct sunlight and they are fine!  So there is a problem with this doorbell.   

Do I have any recourse?  @Brad I've seen a few threads where you had some advice to get to the right people.   

Thanks for any help...




Its peeling!


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Brad locks them because Google does not care and he has no answers.

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Community Specialist

Hey folks.


I lock them because I am required too, and it keeps these requests organized. If you have an RMA replacement inquiry, we do not process them in these forums and we cannot assist you with them. Fill out the form, or contact Support via Chat or Phone channels. These Forums are not particularly the place to bring these concerns which is why these threads are locked. The form once filled out, will create a case with Support. This request will still be locked as I stated above. Best wishes to you all.


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