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Nest Hello is peeling and looks terrible, it is out of warranty

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I currently have a house full of Google products that I really like, a Nest Thermostat, two Nest Protect, a Google Display, four Minis, two 4K Chromecasts and one Nest Doorbell. Most are out of warranty except the Nest Thermostat. The doorbell is peeling and it looks like the plastic film that is usually peeled off after installation. It is not a plastic film but instead is indeed the front of the doorbell is peeling and looks so bad I think most people don't even ring it. Please tell me that after reading about so many people with the same complaint that Google will stand behind this product that I used to really like and replace it, even if it is outside of the warranty, it is only about to years old. Please advise. Thank you! 




There are 322 threads in this forum on "peeling" Nest Hello doorbells and another 49 on "delaminating" doorbells. One of our Nest Hellos, not quite 2 years old, is peeling. One thread on failure of the internal battery in the Nest Hello (, which causes the doorbell to go offline briefly when the button is pressed, has over 800 replies. This has happened on 2 of our Nest Hellos. Yet Google Nest's response to both issues is that it "cannot" replace them because they are past the 1-year warranty period. So we bought silicone skins and disabled the internal chime as workarounds.

You could try contacting Support ( to see if they'll make an exception in your case. Or maybe a Google Nest Community Specialist will step in here and ask you to fill out a "form" on your case. (Since most of those threads are then locked, it's hard to tell what, if anything, Google Nest does in response to those "forms".)

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,


Thank you for your patience! If you're seeking a replacement, please fill out this form. Unfortunately, we do not offer replacements for parts. I apologize for the inconvenience. 


Best Regards,


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


We've received your form — thanks for filling that out. I'll consider this post as complete and will lock the thread in 24 hours. Please keep an eye on your email as someone from our team will reach out to you to assist you further.


Thanks for your help here, Brad.