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Nest Hello stuck on zoomed in on iPhone when someone rings

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As someone wrote back in 2021:

The Nest Hello always zooms in to the right side of the field of view whenever the doorbell is rung. It is fine during all other times and shows the full field of view. We do not have zoom and enhance enabled. It's annoying since it will always zoom to where there is no person in sight. Is this a feature of the device to autozoom and perhaps it's bugged?


When i click on the notification on my iPhone, I cant zoom out. I can only go sideways. It's ok, but I would rather just have the normal ''not zoomed in'' view, where i can see everything.


Is there anyone else experiencing this?




Are you sure you didn't inadvertently enable the Enhance (zoom) feature (

If you go to on a computer, is the view zoomed there?

You could try to delete and reinstall your Google Nest app. You don't lose any settings when you do that; you just log back in after the install.

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When I connect on a computer, and go, I see the normal (most zoomed out) view, which is what I would like to see on my iPhone. When someone rings the doorbell, and I get a notification on my iPhone, I click on it to see who's there, and it's zoomed in (and I can't zoom out). I can only move sideways...

I just deleted the app and re-installed it. Didn't change anything.



That is strange.

If it were me, I would be tempted to try playing with the Enhance feature--setting and resetting it--in the Google Nest app and on the website, just to see if this jogs things back to normal on your phone.

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Ill give it a try and see over the next few days if anything happens.


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Still doing the same thing… still zoomed in when i get that notification on my iPhone and click on it.

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,

asuth888, I’m sorry for the delayed response here. Let’s see what’s going on — a few questions: does it only occur on your camera notifications using your iPhone and not on the camera thumbnail? When did it start happening? Have you tried checking it on another device? Also, have you turned off camera enhancement in the Nest app? If you haven't, here's how.

I appreciate your help here, MplsCustomer!




Hello @janthadeus 

This only happens on my iPhone 

when someone rings, i get the notification. I click on the notification and whennit opens, it’s fully zoomed in.

tried reinstalling app, enhancing the image and then turning off the enhancement.

This only does this on the iPhone notification. If i open the Nest app or the google home app, then click doorbell, it’s fully zoomed out.

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Community Specialist

Hello everybody,


@asuth888, I'm bumping up this thread to ensure that everything is covered here. How's it going with your Nest Hello? Have you tried using a different mobile phone and check if you're getting the same issue? Zooming in or out won’t change the footage that’s uploaded to the Nest service, and it won’t change what appears for other people who have access to your Nest Camera in the app. Your Nest Camera will still stream its entire wide-angle view. Just the same, your Nest Camera’s entire view will still appear in recorded and saved video.


Give these steps a try:

The Home app

  1. Open the Home app.
  2. Touch and hold your device's tile.
  3. In your camera’s Live or History view, you can:
  • Spread or pinch two fingers to zoom in or out.
  • Double tap to zoom in. Do it again to zoom in further.
  • Drag one finger to pan around.

The Nest app

  1. Open the Nest app.
  2. On the home screen, select your camera or doorbell.
  3. In the live video stream or video history, here’s what you can do to the camera view:
  • Spread or pinch two fingers to zoom in or out. 
  • You can also double tap to zoom in. Double tap again to zoom in further.
  • Drag one finger to pan around.

Looking forward to your response.


Thanks for answering, MplsCustomer and JT.





When someone rings and i check my iPhone’s Nest notification, the nest live feed is still fully zoomed in.

I need to get off the live feed, then go back in the Doorbell’s live video, and the video will be back to zoomed out.