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Nest/Home User Permissions Suggestions/Feedback

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The inability to set different levels of access and permissions for Nest Cameras and Google Home has been a significant concern for many users. This limitation impacts households or shared environments where varying degrees of access control are necessary for privacy and security. Here are some specific concerns and potential solutions:


**Privacy Concerns**

  • Managers or “Head of Households” might not want all household members to have the same level of access to camera feeds, especially in private areas like bedrooms or home offices. Or even add and remove of cameras.
  • Visitors or temporary guests might need restricted access to certain features for a limited time.


**Security Risks**

  • Full access for all users can lead to potential security breaches if credentials are shared or compromised.
  • Children's access to security systems could be unintentionally disruptive or lead to privacy breaches.


**User Experience**

  • Lack of granular control can lead to frustration for users who need to customize permissions based on individual needs.
  • Numerous businesses using these devices might find it challenging to manage access for multiple employees and or managers.


## Suggested Solutions ##


**Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)**

  • Implementing RBAC would allow administrators to assign specific roles to users, such as "Viewer," "Editor," or "Admin." Each role would have predefined permissions.


**Custom Permissions**:

  • Allowing administrators to set custom permissions for each user can provide more flexibility. For example, some users or employees could be granted access only to live feeds but not recorded videos.


**Temporary Access**

  • Introduce options for temporary access that automatically expire after a set period. This feature is particularly useful for guests or service providers.


**Child Accounts**

  • Creating child accounts with limited access can help manage how much control younger household members have over security systems. Viewing and seeing who is home or at the doorbell.


**Notification Control**

  • Allowing users to customize notifications based on their access level can help manage alert fatigue and ensure relevant information reaches the right people.


**Activity Logs**

  • Implement detailed activity logs that track who accessed the cameras and when. This feature can help identify any unauthorized access or misuse.


By addressing these concerns, Nest and Google Home can enhance user satisfaction, improve security, and provide a more versatile and user-friendly experience. If you share this feedback directly with Google support or via community forums, it might help push for these features in future updates.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Avine96,


Thank you for posting here in the community. I really appreciate the details about the features that you need to improve on the Google Home app.


For your concerns and to address them better, please share your feedback so we can work on these features in future updates to improve access and permissions from the Google Home App.


Please keep me posted if you need more assistance.