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Nest battery cam cant set up

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Hello everyone,

I have had nest cameras for 2 years worked perfectly fine until last night. All of my four camera went offline around 11:30p

Google Pixel 7 Pro android 13 (TQ1A.230105.002)

iPad pro 2021 12.9 inch iOS 16.3

iPhone 13 pro max iOS 16.3

Routers Xfinity xb8 and tplink AX6000

1. In the morning i tried to restart my router and the camera didn't work.

2. Called customer service on call with them for almost 2 hours. 

Things I tried so far 

1. Reset the device using the reset button at the back by holding it for 15 second. Setting it up using iphone with manual codes.


2. So i used my pixel 7 pro and repeat the process this time error was THERE WAS A PROBLEM COMMUNICATING WITH GOOGLE EXIT THE SETUP.

3. So i tried my ipad using different home structure (adding a alphabet behind my home number to create new home) came up with same error "SOMETHING WENT WRONG PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER".

4. Repeated the process on my pixel to came up with same error i had using pixel. "COMMUNICATING WITH GOOGLE EXIT THE SETUP."

5. Last thing i did was reset my router to factory settings. And repeated the process with same error code on both ios and android. 

While doing this whole experiment customer service rep. Escalated the case created email for me to forward screenshot of the errors and told me to wait.


If anyone else has experienced (here on nest community a lot of people did have this error but most of them were coming from iOS but here's my take from Android.


Please share the fixes or work around if anything helped. Thanks




Are you sure you don't have some sort of Wi-Fi or internet problem? Or with communicating with Google Nest's servers from your country or region?  Or with the Google Home app that reported all four cameras offline at the same time:   It seems rather extraordinary for all four of your Google Nest cameras, wired and battery, to fail at the same time.  (I'm guessing you have both because your title mentions battery cameras and you say you've had Google Nest cameras for 2 years, but the battery cameras only came out 16 months ago.)   If it happened to us, I think the last thing I would try would be to factory reset all four cameras.

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You are correct I purchased all four cameras in September 2021 its not completely 2 years but I encountered this issue same thing happened few months ago with my yale lock i had to create separate home structure to add the device but this time it didn’t work and I noticed that most of my Google security and comfort devices are offline thermostats and cameras first I thought its my router but I changed 3 different routers same issue so i decided to take it to my cousin’s house and same issue cant connect so apparently it looks like it is issue with server (i tried different address as well as difference ISP at my cousin’s house) not buying Google devices again. This is my third or fouth bad encounter with google devices.

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This may or may not be related to your issue, but why do you use the TP link router with the Xfinity XB8? The XB8 is a combo unit that contains both the modem and router. 

I ask because not long ago, when I upgraded my IP service and got the XB8 as part of the package, I mistakenly connected my router to the XB8. Had nothing but problems: loss of bandwidth and speed, constant buffering when viewing the cameras, something went wrong try again message. Removed the router and just used the XB8 and all the problems went away. 

Might be worth trying 

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I have had the opposite experience with modem router i used two orbi and Xfinity the common problem i experienced was loss of bandwidth router going offline and such so i had to invest in power stabilizer and ups (combined) for stable connection plus i use Xfinity xb8 for home appliances and smartthings like thermostats, cameras, door locks security system. Sprinklers and everything in between and i use TP-Link ax-6000 for entertainment devices like tv, speakers phones computers. By keeping this two categories separate it gives me more freedom and security. Plus gaming routers are giving WiFi 6e round the house for better streaming experience.


Overall this set-up works perfectly fine and i haven't had speed loss infact i get 750 mbps on tp link where i only get 350 mbps on xb8 over wifi.


Hope that helps

Hello everyone,


@dhruvilgajera22 we appreciate you taking your time sharing with us all of the steps you've done. This is an unusual issue, that all four of your Nest Cameras would not be set up to the Google Home app. To confirm, have you removed all of them before adding them back? Have you also tried restarting your mobile phone? Here's the link to properly reset them to the factory default. Remember that after the reset, all of your recorded events would get removed as well. Keep us posted.


Thanks for answering, MplsCustomer and Badattitude.




@EmersonB @ thanks for responding me and senior specialist  tried everything possible. And was told to wait for engineering team to review and help out. Two days later i got called from google asking me to try again and use mobile data off wifi on and Bluetooth on and factory reset the camera and try again. And it worke

Hey dhruvilgajera22,


That's great to hear! Let us know if you have other questions as I'll be locking the thread after 24 hours.


I appreciate the help, everyone.