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Nest doorbell peeling solution


Hey guys, did anybody come up with a good solution for hiding the awful peeling on the Nest doorbell? Google does not want to replace it when not under warranty so I am trying to work around this manufacturer defect. I was thinking buying a silicone cover but reviews mention that the device gets hot and also that it obstructs night vision sensors. 3A9DBABB-C54E-4C50-BF62-5908E19EE529.jpeg


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I bought one, but you have to be careful that it does not cover the aluminum back of the device.   The one I have is from Amazon and works well.    There are stickers you can get for it too which are probably better for the doorbell than a silicone case.  The biggest problem I had with the doorbell is that the internal battery (the wired one does have a small battery) went bad and I had to replace it.  It was a moderate challenge, and Google support frowns upon it, but it works now.  When I had the cover off, I was thinking of using a headlight restoration kit on it, but the ring around the button is raised and it was weathered too.

Where did you get the battery?

The battery I bought is made by Cameron Sino.  You can buy one from Amazon.  Search for NC5100US battery.  The model number is CS-NLH510SL.   Don't get generic batteries for it.  You also need to re-attach the front bezel with strong double sided tape.  I cleaned up some of the old tape's residue and used a 3M VHB tape to stick the bezel back on.


Thanks for your feedback

Is this the one you got? "elago Silicone Case Designed for Google Nest Hello Doorbell Cover (Black) - Full Protection, Night Vision Compatible [US Patent Registered]"

Yes, though I got the white one to reflect a little sunlight.   A sticker cover (aka skin) would probably be better though.

Reviews are little sketchy on the sticker ones though.