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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest Doorbell not Connecting

Had the doorbell up and connected but then had to change our modem (with Bell). Now it won’t connect to wifi. Tried all of the suggestions and nothing works

Pat7 by Community Member
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Doorbell and outdoor camera sound alerts

I have nest battery doorbell and 2 outdoor cameras and signed up for nest aware thinking I would get sound alerts. It appears sound alerts are only available in the USA. Can someone explain why? Struggling to see why I would pay for nest aware when t...

Keithegan by Community Member
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Battery doorbell camera falls off mount

This device keeps falling off off the mount. It works and stays on for a few days and then falls off of its own accord!This is not the usual standard that I would expect from Google and all my other devices are fine. It's been like this since I bough...

Rachel3 by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell

I just replaced my nest doorbell with a new one, I can see the video feed in the google home app but not the nest app.

Streaming Nest door bell wired 2nd gen

Hi,Can not stream Nest doorbell wired 2nd gen to chromecast.Tried asking google assistant to show doorbell on living room tv.It says doorbell does not support streaming to remote displays.Does wired doorbell does support streaming ? Thanks

Navs by Community Member
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Cannot connect Nest to new 5g Wi-Fi

I need help! I have the Nest doorbell and flood camera. I have recently changed from my prior Wi-Fi carrier to Verizon 5G and my cameras will not connect. We have tried multiple fixes even changing 5G to 2.4G, still nothing.

JAmato by Community Member
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