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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest doorbell won’t record video

My nest doorbell will not record video for events. Only live events only. No nest aware acct. just want back my 3 past hours ofvideo recording. Event recording option is not found anymore on nest app

Migrating from Nest

My Nest IQ camera and Nest Doorbell won’t migrate without a code that’s on the back of the devices. The devices have been installed so I can’t get the code off the back of the device. Is there another way to get these devices to migrate?

TCott by Community Member
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Unable to view cameras on Mac computer any more

I can’t sign in to Nest on my Mac computer anymore. It just keeps saying “sign in with Google” and when I press the return button after filling in the information it just goes back to the screen saying “sign in with Google “. I used to be able to sig...

ValMc1 by Community Member
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Nest Camera Won't take a charge

I have owned my nest cam for under a year. One of the camera's batteries were drained completely. Tried charging it with the power cord facing the front of the unit but got no "white blinking light." Left in the outlet for 24 hour, still reflecting o...

callhealy by Community Member
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Can't connect to camera

I subscribed to nest aware a few days ago and now can't connect to my camera. I know it's working because I'm getting email notifications of movement and sound. But when I click to see the clip nothing happens. I think the problem is that the name of...

Hopeinal by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Night vision auto default issue that started 12/11/23

I noticed my doorbell camera was black and white as opposed to color all of a sudden. I have not changed any settings for my 8 cameras, they have always been set to night vision auto default. Has anyone else experienced this issue this week. I’ve not...

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Adj by Community Member
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Nest hub not showing live view doorbell

Hi there,I've just installed a new Google Hub and Google Doorbell battery at my parents house.Installation went ok. If someone rings the bell, the hub rings and says someone is in front of the door, but it doesn't show the live video. I've tried rest...

nrjansen by Community Member
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Google Nest Camera - Missing Events

Hello! I’ve had my google nest camera for almost 3 months now. After hours of searching through the community posts to see if others are experiencing the same issues I’ve been having, I can’t begin to wrap my head around why the issues have not been ...

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