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Cameras and Doorbells

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Resolved! Video "History" not showing on bottom of Screen

I have two of the "updated" nest cameras that only show up under Google home. However the Google Home screen only show the live video. There is not "history" to choose along the bottom of the screen. what gives? How can I access my video history? My ...

GNXMan by Community Member
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Fixing water in Nest Camera lens

 I was able to remove the 3/4" lens by gently working the tip of an exacto knife around the seam. You'll discover where the seal failed as the water inside will start weeping out. Focus the tip there, trying to get the knife tip under the glue gap on...


Doorbell camera does not replay videos

Doorbell (2nd generation wired) does not replay video only live stream is viewable. Device has been restarted and set back to factory settings and reinstalled. Only live video plays. After resetting now notifications do not announce. Device is less t...

New Hello Nest Doorbell (Gen 1)

We just replaced our old Hello Nest Doorbell that stopped working ( the chime stopped working) with the exact same model of Hello Nest Doorbell and now we can't get it to connect to the internet (camera). It will chime, is lit up, but camera not work...

tomandee by Community Member
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Doorbell Sound and Motion detection

Has anyone else had issues with your doorbell recording motion and sound even though you have it toggled off? I’ve tried everything and can’t seem to fix the issue. I only want it to record when a person is detected and my feed is full of sound and m...

ARC806 by Community Member
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Nest Cam powiadomienia/alerty

Witam,Kupiłem kamerę Nest Cam. W ustawieniach włączyłem wszystkie pozwolenia na dostęp, powiadomienia itd. Niestety nie otrzymuje alertów o wykryciu ruchu(dźwięku chyba nie posada). Chciałem używać jej jako "niani" i ta funkcja jest mi niezbędna.Pros...