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Nest floodlight Camera runs out of battery

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I bought the camera with floodlight. It is wired in and the floodlight is able to detect motion and turn on at all times.

My problem is with the camera battery. It switches from showing the infinity symbol to a percentage and at then out of battery. Eventually it gets enough charge to turn back on. The cycle repeats daily.


Any help is appreciated! 


Per Brad below, please submit feedback via Home apps:


I appreciate your patience so far as I know this is a very frustrating issue. If you haven't already, could you please share the troubleshooting steps you've tried (you can also check out this HC article). I'd also recommend unplugging and replugging the camera to make sure the connection is secure. Can you also double check that the cable and camera are clean from any form of dust. 


Once you've confirmed you've exhausted all troubleshooting steps, could you please send feedback from the Home app using the keywords, "Nest Cam with floodlight runs out of battery" so our team can take a closer look at what's happening? Check out this article on how to send feedback and also enable crash reports. I'll provide any updates as they become available

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Honestly I don't think it's temperature related. I'm in California and the temp never really got too low and I'm still seeing this issue.

Using the chat support I was able to get a technician to support without too much trouble. After going through all of the debug steps we determined that it was a faulty unit. I had bought two, so I put the new camera in for the old one and it is working like a champ. I was back on chat support today to try to find out how to return the defective one and after another 40 mins I'm not much closer on that but they said they would email me back tomorrow with more instructions.

My takeaway is that I think we're dealing with defective units, not all units at low temperatures. I would also recommend using the chat support:

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I am glad to hear it came back online for ya but starting to think it might not be temp related and just a failed unit? Going through the posts now and reading them it seems that the issue is scattered throughout the climates. Mine have been working normally since the "jump start via charger" but if it is a faulty unit then I think I am going to try sending it back. My fear is that the device is not currently in a troubled state so if they ran any type of testing/diagnostics on it all would be clear/normal unless they can look up the history on it.

So I am actually a master electrician  specializing in industrial controls and automation. Part of me wants to take the **bleep** thing apart but then part of me thinks this is an engineers problem lol 😆 

I saw @MianBao post about support too. Might try that this Thursday as well. 

Maybe the unit is just a POS and Ring has a better product. None of my coworkers have issue like this who use them. 

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Ha ha yes, resist the urge to tear it apart @Takssur ! 😂 Just making sure I'm clear, I replaced the non-working unit with a new one, mine never came back (and I don't have a wireless charger).

I'll let you know how my return goes...since yours is now working it might not be worth your time to return it.

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Same issue here in the UK, installed a few weeks ago, had a cold snap last night -2C, camera has since gone offline, run through the troubleshooting above to no avail.  Based on the lack of support I am seeing likely to send it back, such a fail to not have suitable weather protection on the device or just striaght up failure for something that is hardwired.

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Just wanted to update everyone on here. The temp reached into the into the single digits here a couple days ago, it was 3⁰F when i went for work one morning. Anyway, i didnt have any issues with the device dropping charge and its still holding from the last time i posted. I am guessing this is intermittent and expect it to occur again at some point, unfortunately.

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Here is the answer I got from Nest.  Ludicrous.  Said the camera is battery only, the floodlight is wired.  So, if that's true, Nest expects many users to climb up 20' to pull the camera down to charge?  An if so, why wasn't a charging cable included with the product?  Of course, the answer is total BS.


Thanks for reaching out to the Google Nest Customer Care Team.

I appreciate your patience, our engineering team is working on your case.

To perhaps clear up one point, note that while the Nest Cam with Floodlight is wired, only the floodlight receives power from with wired connection. The Nest Cam is battery powered.

If convenient, can you please turn off power and make sure that the provided green grounding wire is connected to the green grounding screw with the other end connected with a wire nut to the ground wire in the junction box; and confirm that wire nuts connecting the neutral and hot wires are connected securely.

We also recommend that you turn on "Automatic battery saver" and decide if any Battery usage settings can be changed to increase battery life.

For your reference your case number is 9-XXXXXXXXXX. If you need more help, you can contact us again and reference this case number or reply to this email to reopen your case.


Total garbage response from Google. Did you ask them to explain why the Nest Cam with Floodlight includes a power cable from the floodlight to the camera?

Asked that...and if battery only and the power cable on the floodlight doesn't charge the camera, why wasn't a charge cable included?   Seems more like a "just go away" message to me. 

Expecting Upper 60F to Mid 70F over next 2 days.  If this thing fires up and starts charging, I think we are really onto something with what a lot of folks on this thread suspect.

I'm not even Google and I feel so sorry you're getting this kind of run around. It seems like support is heavily outsourced and doesn't even know their own product.

I wonder if getting a longer charging cable and bypassing the floodlight will make a difference. 

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Disappointed in this Nest Floodlights that I replaced two Ring Floodlights with. Those Ring Floodlights never had issues in extreme cold temperatures. We are in a cold snap right now in Calgary Alberta Canada and temps are about -38° Celsius (-36.4 Fahrenheit). Google needs to fix this issue as this is unacceptable to use in cold weather. I switched from Ring expecting a better product but this doesn't seem to be the case.