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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Google nest camera (wired) - wire broken

My puppy has chewed through the camera wire. Is it possible to replace this element of the camera or is it possible to get a replacement if still under warranty? I have tried filling out the support form already, however, have not heard back / had an...

gmcg by Community Member
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Google Nest Doorbell and Camera won’t connect to wifi

Hi guys, I have a google nest doorbell (battery), outdoor camera (battery) and google hub. I’ve had them for 6 months, all working fine. Suddenly a couple of days ago both the doorbell and outdoor camera said they were offline. Nothing had changed on...

Shan2 by Community Member
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Nest cameras

I need to get into old acct to release cameras to the acct I tried migrating and now can’t get cameras to work..

Unable to factory reset nest doorbell (battery)

I have a nest doorbell that has been working fine for 10 months. On Monday my phone told me that the doorbell was offline. I took it inside and put it on charge. Using the help available online I tried to do a restart by pressing the reset button for...

bunjee23 by Community Member
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Door bell camera volume

How do you increase doorbell volume on a wired doorbell camera please?At the moment it is useless !!!!Thank you

Mal2p by Community Member
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Can’t add or remove device.

Have three (3) existing camera accessed thru Nest app and old username and password. Bought new Nest Doorbell / Camera requiring Google Home app for setup. Doorbell / Camera is installed and working. Can’t “add device”, the three old existing cameras...

Nest wired outdoor can sending notifications when home

Had my cameras (2) for about 3yrs now and notifications worked for the most part. Last couple of weeks I keep getting notifications when I'm home and on my wifi. It's recognizing when I'm home or away but keeps sending me push notifications. Using pr...

Kirschman by Community Member
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Nest doorbell not staying in mount

The pin that holds the camera on the lens appears to have stopped engaging properly. I only noticed when it came off the mount and of course landed on the camera lens. Is there a way to get this fixed ? many thanksPaul

Hawks by Community Member
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