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Cameras and Doorbells

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Integration with Smartthings

Just installed my wired nest doorbell. I tried to add the device to smartthings app... each time I select the nest doorbell option, the web browser pops up, and a Google page says "cannot find a device to link to Samsung smartthings." The doorbell is...

Zmadra by Community Member
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Nest Cameras - Outdoor Wired and Battery

This will be the 4th time I bring this matter up and still no resolution as to why 3 of my wired camera's (one does not even turn on anymore) and one battery camera do not connect (either C104 or C119) which is totally wrong as I have another 3 batte...

TonyL by Community Member
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Unable to see Nest cameras on Sony Bravia TV

I have a new Sony Bravia TV (with Google TV) and just Nest Cameras installed. Everything works on my phones, PC and Nest Hub. When I ask Google Assistant to display my cameras, it says streaming cameras but the screen turns gray with a small camera b...

Jdpagent86 by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Akku Ton Ausgabe an der Doorbell zu leise

Hallo, meine Doorbell funktioniert mit meinen Google Nest Hub 2, bis auf eine 2 sec. Verzögerung, ganz gut. Leider ist aber die Tonausgabe an der Tür (Doorbell) sehr leise und oft verstehen mich Besucher nicht. Besonders dann wenn auch mal eine Auto ...

Derweini by Community Member
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These cameras are not working! They are no longer picking up any motion, only sounds of birds chirping…. This poses a big security issue for our home! We have paid the subscription but is still not working…. So we are actually paying for a service wh...

Nest Cam Outdoor (1 using battery & 1 plugged in)

I have a few Nest Cam with battery's that I bought for outside. 1 of the camera's is plugged into an outlet so I do not need to charge it and 1 is not near an outlet so I have to charge it.I am getting notifications of activity on both of the cameras...

thetbaum by Community Member
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Nest Cameras no longer picking up activity

I have several Nest cameras set-up outdoors. They've been there for over a year and are used to monitor my pets outside as well as other critters that end up invading the space of my pets. Anyway, up until recently Nest was fairly decent at picking u...