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New Nest Cam only blinks yellow when connected to a USB port

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Just received my replacement Nest Cam for my Drop Cam. Plugged the new one into a USB port on my PC and it blinks yellow. Plugged it into every USB port on the PC and only will blink yellow. Hard to believe that none of my USB ports have enough power. How do I get this new Nest Cam up and running with my others?




I believe you probably received a 2nd gen Nest Cam (indoor, wired) as your replacement camera. Google Nest decided that the new Google Nest cameras and doorbells released starting in Sept. 2021 would NOT work in the Google Nest app or on the website. You will have to install your new camera in the Google Home app:

You'll be able to view the camera's livestream on the "preview"/beta website, along with your other Google Nest cameras and doorbells.

That is good to know - wish the upgrade notice had mentioned that. However, I haven't even got to an app - plugging in the Nest Cam produces a yellow blinking that indicates low USB power which means no app is even going to find the camera for installation. Any thoughts on that? Thanks!

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One other thing: I did go to "preview"/beta website and could see my remaining Nest cameras. But there doesn't seem to be a way to add a camera to it. Am I just missing it?


You do NOT plug your Nest Cam (indoor, wired) into any USB port on your computer. (We have one.) You plug it into a wall outlet using the round power adapter that came with the camera.

Then you install the camera in the Google Home app on your phone or tablet, using the instructions in the link I provided above.

Have you migrated your Nest Account to a Google Account?  (We migrated a couple of years ago.)  If not, you should do that first.  If you install your new camera in the Google Home app before migrating, then you will not be able to migrate your Nest Account to that Google Account.  (

The website is in "preview" mode with limited functionality, and the only thing you can do there is view your cameras.

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