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Trouble with old nest app

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Hi community,

I am not sure I chose the right category, but here goes.

Have been a Nest user for years and have a Nestaware subscription.

Have 2 older model Nest indoor cams on my network and could see the footage of both in the Nest all on the phone and in Nestaware online.

And then I decided to add a new indoor Google Nest cam and now I don't see the footage of the old cams anymore.

I need to use the Google Nest Home app for the new camera and that is fine.

But where did my existing cameras go? My nest app says there are no cameras.

When I try to add the cams by scanning their barcodes, it reports that they are part of another account. But that is not true. Both the old and the new belong to the same (email) account.

I can see the footage online in Nestaware but not on the phone and frankly, that is a pain in the behind.

How do I solve this? What it looks like to me is that the new camera overwrote the old ones. But how do I know which account is 'the other account' that the old cameras are connected to? In other words: HELP!!







It's not clear from your post what you have done.

If you are logging onto the Google Nest app with the same username and password you were previously using, and are still accessing the same Google Nest "home/structure", you should still have access to your older cameras in the Google Nest app.

Had you previously migrated your Nest Account to a Google Account? This option has been available for almost 3 years now (

If you HAD migrated your Nest Account to a Google Account, then did you install your new camera in the Google Home app in the same Google Nest "home/structure" where your other cameras are located, using the same Google Account you were using to log into the Google Nest app?

If you had NOT migrated your Nest Account to a Google Account, then you probably installed your new camera in a different Google Nest "home/structure" when you installed it in the Google Home app. But your older cameras should still be available in the Google Nest app under your original Google Nest "home/structure".

I don't know what you mean by "I can see the footage online in Nestaware". Do you by any chance mean the website? If you do, then you can log into the Google Nest app with the same username and password you're using to log into the website, and should still see your cameras.

Unfortunately, Google Nest has decided that its new cameras will use the Google Home app, while its older cameras will continue to use the Google Nest app

Thanks for the reply.

I have at some point in 2021 changed to the Google account, yes. That is also how I am logged into the site you mention. I can see footage of both cameras.

However, when I added the new indoor camera there were like a thousand questions coming by. It was very confusing. After I was done with them, I found online that this new cam was not on the same interface as the two old ones. I Googled it and learned that the Google Nest interface is not compatible with the old cameras. So OK, I can live with that. I use the old cams for very different purposes than the new one. So having to check the Google app separately is not an issue for me.

What IS an issue is that on the Nest app (the one with the blue home icon) now no longer 'sees' the two old cameras. When I try to add them with the barcode scanner, it tells me they are on another account. This is not true. Just to make sure that I did not accidentally make an error, I went and logged in with the old account. The non-Google login. It does not accept the password. Then I went to the original even older account - you never know after all. Same thing. Password not accepted. Or email, I am not sure which.

So there seems to be nothing I can do without, perhaps, downloading the previous version of the app that worked beautifully last night. But I have no idea where to find it.

So i am stuck with one working new camera, that is not essential. And two older models (the black ones) that are in fact critical. And the footage of which I can only see online via the website you mentioned. That is better than nothing, but it means I am not getting alerts.

When I check the account both interfaces look to be for my Google account so I am stumped.

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Here is another thought:

Since I recently moved, I have adjusted my home address. Do you think that is causing this?


If you can see both of your older cameras on the website, then you have NOT lost access to those cameras, and you do NOT need to reinstall them.

Are you logging onto the Google Nest app, the Google Home app, and the website with the same Google Account?

My guess is that when you installed your new indoor camera in the Google Home app, you inadvertently installed it in a different Google Nest "home/structure". The name of your Google Nest "home/structure" displays at the top of the screen in the Google Nest app and at the top of the web page, under the word "Home" (where it alternates with displaying the temperature). It also displays at the top of the screen on the Google Home app. If you have more than one Google Nest "home/structure", then you have a drop-down to select which "home".

If that is the case, you'll eventually want to remove your new camera from the second Google Nest "home/structure" in the Google Home app and add it to your original Google Nest "home/structure", so it is covered by your Nest Aware subscription.

You should also be able to livestream ALL of your cameras on the "preview"/beta website.

If this doesn't help, you can try contacting Support:


 The issue was resolved but I am not sure how.

At some point I started to receive alerts from the old cameras and they showed up in the Nest cam; but there were 2 'home' buttons and one of them had no cameras attached. It took a couple of more days and then the app worked as normal, with the 2 buttons. I was told today to delete the one with no cameras attached and that is what I have done.

I will be very careful when I decide to use the new Nest cam and set it up because all of this was very confusing.

Thanks for the feedback!


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Community Specialist

HI folks,


Thanks for the help, MplsCustomer.


CrazyCat_61, I’m glad it is resolved now. I’ll keep this thread open for one more day. If you need further help, let me know.