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Unable to cast Nest cameras to my smart tv with Chromecast

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Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me. I have 15 older version Nest cameras and 6 of the newer version cameras. My goal with recently adding the newer cameras, is to cast them on a tv in my office to keep an eye on important areas of my facility while I work. After purchasing and installing the new cameras, I discovered that Google has not came up with a way to be able to accomplish my goal using a tv. So I ran to Best Buy to look into the Nest Hub and I was quickly let down again when I discovered that the Hub only allows viewing of 1 camera at a time when I would like to see a grid of at least 4 cameras on a screen. 

Is there a way around this? I have a lot invested into the Nest camera system and I would hate to eliminate all of them and start over with a different brand but that might actually be my only option.

Any advice is very much appreciated.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there brynnlazarus,

Thank you for visiting the Chromecast Community! Since this thread hasn't had activity in a while, we're going to close it to keep content fresh. We hope you were able to get the help you need, but if you're still having issues, please give these steps a try.

If the issue persists, feel free to create a new thread, and provide as many details as possible so that others can lend a hand. Hope this helps!

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