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Viewing Google Nest cam with other apps

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I've been using Foscam cameras for the past years, however, these need to be replaced and I prefer going with Nest this time. I understand I can add them to the Home app and view them from there, that's fine, but is there any other way to access them? A friend of mine also looks at the footage from time to time, but I would prefer them not to have access to my thermostat, doorbell etc. As far as I'm aware I cannot give them restricted access if I would add them as a Home member. Or would it be possible to add the same cameras to two homes, my Home in which all my products including the cameras are added, and a separate Home in which only the cameras are used?

Thanks for your time!


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Interesting question about restricting/limiting access to certain devices. I’m not sure about that but I’m going to look into it. 
A lot of the new cameras can only be viewed from the Google home app and viewing old footage is hit or miss. I receive the notification that footage is not yet available to watch a lot. It’s pretty frustrating when you want to scroll through your recent history and can’t. I also have the Google nest hub max and it only shows the live feed. Which is also not the most helpful as I can look out my window if I want to see that. So with all that in mind, not sure how much your friend will be able to look at your video history anyway. 

Thanks for your reply! I installed my first nest cam yesterday and quickly found out that my idea of 'duplicate homes' doesn't work, haven't found any other solutions either. I'm a bit surprised it's all or nothing in the Home app, I can imagine you wouldn't want for example your children to have access to all devices, or guests?

The video history also sounds pretty frustrating, I haven't tried that yet. My friend usually watches live footage so that wouldn't be much of an issue for her, but it could be for me. For now I bought only one Nest cam to try before replacing all of them.

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