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When Will Google Home Have a Web Browser Option to View Nest Cams?

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My old thread was closed, and since I was told "If you're still experiencing problems, feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help", I am opening a new thread.  My issue is still not resolved.

I bought a Nest Cam with Floodlight expecting it to work in the Nest camera web browser interface, with no indication it wouldn't like all the previous Nest cameras I have  --- this Nest camera is not compatible with the Nest app (sigh).  Instead, it only works with the Google Home app, which has no web interface.  Google has said a web interface is coming, but with no date.

When is the web interface for Google Home coming out so I can view my HD camera in a web browser and not on a tiny phone screen?

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Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

We have no way of knowing when Google will give us this feature.  We only have a vague comment from them that it will be sometime in 2022.  And if I remember correctly they made that comment sometime back in October of 2021.  So far NOTHING substantial has been added to the Google Home app that helps the situation with the cameras.

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These new "Nest" cameras are a total disaster. Really angry. The lack of web access is terrible; and I can't believe my new cameras are not compatible with the Nest app, either. So now I have to go to two places to see cameras in the same "room." It's NUTS. This is not an integrated platform, and Google's marketing is really misleading. I could stomach some of this if the Google Home app was even half as good as the Nest app. (It's NOT.)

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Same boat, bought 2 new cameras in December with promise web interface and comparable features will be coming to new cameras, here we are May 19th, and not even a single update. Its insane I cannot adjust settings available in the nest app, and even changing wifi connection you have to delete the camera, reset it and add it back in. This is insane, im still paying same price for my aware membership with a quarter of featurses on new cameras.