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Cameras and Doorbells

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Chirp at the beginning of every event clip

There is a chirp at the beginning of every video clip. I saw one user thought it was a bird and it was blamed that a bird chirping was triggering the recording, but this is not the case. There is the same audible chirp at the beginning of every clip....

BeanNest by Community Member
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Doorbell notification different than person seen

Is anyone aware of being able to choose a different notification for a doorbell press as opposed to a person seen on an android phone? I get many notices throughout the day, so when the doorbell is actually pushed, it would be nice if you could choos...

wjoc3 by Community Member
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Google camera stopped recording events

I have had this camera for months and have always been able to go back and look at events over the past. In the last couple of days it stopped..i can only feed events in the current day.. i watch this camera through the google home app.

HM2 by Community Member
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Blue spinning wheel and history STILL freezing on iOS apps

Hey @Brad Why was this topic locked? This issue has not been fixed. You didn’t even answer why it was happening or that a patch was made to fix the problem. We all pay plenty of money for the service. How about we fix the problem before locking discu...

HamCam by Community Member
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Camera can't be reached (nest indoor wired)

Hi,I bought a Nest Cam indoor wired 2nd generation yesterday. Now I'm trying to view this camera on my Samsung device but it keeps saying the camera can't be reached. I am able to see the clips the camera recorded and get the pop-up that the camera s...

xxcwiss by Community Member
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Need to reinstall doorbell cannot access QR code

Hi, we have recently had to change our network and the nest hello wired doorbell stopped working. When I went to the nest app to reinstall it, the app asked me for the QR code or the six digit number on the back of the doorbell. Since this is a wired...

weldon1 by Community Member
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