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Where to find replacement mount for wired doorbell? Part 2

Community Member

I just posted a note here looking for a replacement part for my nest hello base with a broken clip. Got an email asking to setup a case for it - which I did, and got to talk to a rep. I was informed that:

  • my unit was out of warranty
  • there's no option to purchase a base plate

I am baffled by this. For users with devices which are out of warranty, replacement parts are not available for purchase, even at our own cost. But Google will happily ship you the replacement part for free within warranty.  

Why is there no option to allow users to purchase parts when out of warranty ?  Is the expectation to buy a whole new product simply because of a broken base holder clip on an out of warranty unit ?



Community Member

I just found out the same thing. I purchased a house with the existing doorbell mounted. They installed it with the angle mount, which it angled the wrong way. I talked to the Chat and asked for a flat mounting plate, and since this is out of warranty, we are screwed. Google needs to allow customers to purchase an original replacement part. This is absurd that you can't buy one. Not going to spend $230 for a new one. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there, @juju01.


I am sorry to hear that you have not had luck with getting a replacement. We sent you an email requesting to fill out some important information. Please reply with the requested information so we can move forward. Thank you again for your patience!


Here is your case number: 9-4012000031970


Best Regards,