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camera attached to my old account

Community Member

Hi, I can not attach my old camera to my new account. Old account is gone somehow during transfer from yahoo to google last year so can not remove my camera anymore.

The transfer did not work out so I stopped as frustration ran up very high. Now I try to make a new account and fix it. One camera will connect but the other one not.

I need to contect the previous owner but I am the owner.

how can I fix this? I can not remove the camera from the old account I can not get in anymore.

Can not send it back to anyone and I would be rather really stupid if I would need to buy a new one


Community Member

Google does not allow you to use a device that is connected to another account. There is no way to have it removed except by logging into the old account. The device is locked to the account and is essentially worthless, similar to a phone that is locked. I believe this to be unfair and frustrating. You should submit a ticket and see if they are willing to help you. My experience with customer service was very poor. I hope you have a better experience.