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camera keeps saying offline.

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I have a outdoor battery camera I've had it for a year, always been in the same place. The only thing that changed was I added another camera near by it. Could the new outdoor camera battery be causing interference?


Both are plugged in with the optional weather proof cable. The new camera is farther away from the Wi-Fi router and works great, so I know it's not Wi-Fi being the problem.


Also, I have unplugged it and plugged it back in, it worked for an hour than started saying it is offline again. I feel like the camera is defective.


Community Member

Also update, it still recording videos, I can watch the history of the camera but when I press live, it says it is offline. So only the live video isn't working.



I've seen lots of posts in this forum from customers complaining about their newer cameras and doorbells being offline. There seems to be no clear resolution, so I don't know if it's Wi-Fi setting issues, related issues (VPN seems to cause problems for some), defective cameras, or something else (region or country?). We have had a battery camera with the optional power cable for 18 months, a new indoor camera for less than a year, and a bunch of older Google Nest cameras and doorbells, and we never have offline issues.

I know I've seen a bunch but all seem to say unplug and then replug it in to see if I just needed a restart. But I already tried it and it was a temporary fix.

My problem is just the live feed doesn't work. With the one camera that I've had for a little over a year. It's been in the same position since we got it. Worked perfectly up until yesterday. On Sunday I had added a new camera to face my backyard and that camera is probably about 5 ft away from the camera that is causing me issues. So it still records events and I can watch all the history even from 10 min ago, but the live feed still says offline.