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gen2 nest cam

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I connected the new cam to google home with my I phone. When I tried to add camera to my wife's I phone I was unsuccessful . Then I went back to my phone and the camera was removed from my phone. I tried to re connect camera but during install I never get the blue light on camera. I have 4 other google nest  cameras working fine. I just wish I could call someone for help. Only way I could contact was through twitter or face book which I don't have or want. Thanks for help Jimbo61




The way you give another person access to your camera is to invite the person to be a member of your Google Nest "household" under Settings | Household in the Google Home app. This gives them full access and control for all of your Google Nest devices.

I don't know what you did on your wife's phone, but it shouldn't have removed it from the Google Home app. If you're logging onto the Google Home app on your phone with the same Google Account you used to install it, the camera should still be there.

You can contact Support starting with the link below:

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Check the leaflet that came in the camera box there may be a support number on there. I have seen it on another post that this is the case in some circumstances. 

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