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nest outdoor IQ cameras

Community Member

I have 3 IQ outdoor cameras. Periodically, seemingly, for no reason, 1 will go offline. After a short time, the video appears on my Nest Hub. Then, periodically, all 3 will go offline. Usually, this also clears up, but sometimes after many hours. I have also noticed that if all 3 are offline, if I unplug them from the power source [wall], then the video reappears immediately. Any thoughts why this occurs??  Solution??   


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

I figured built in obsolescence. I have the IQ outdoor as well and in the last six months the camera will go offline randomly for about three minutes every few hours. It’s not a Wi-Fi connection issue as I have an access point within 10 feet of the camera and the link rate is extremely strong. All my other Nest devices work perfectly with no disconnects except the Outdoor IQ!