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no save option for Video History Events in Google Home

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There is no save option for Video History Events in Google Home for Wired Next Doorbell Gen 2

I followed the the instructions below but there is no  Controls option as stated below in the google home app.  I checked the nest app and there is no history or even devices for me to try it there, the doorbell only shows in google home. The rest works fine in the google home app so far. I just wan to save a event video to my phone.


  1. Choose the event you want, then tap Controls 


  2. Tap Save clip to save the video clip to your phone. From there, you can share the video clip via email or other apps.



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You may have the old version of the Google Home app; there is a new version rolling out but Google is taking their sweet time. Personally I don't understand why they just don't push it out all at once, especially if they're updating their help pages.


Regardless, here's how to save a clip using the old version of the Google Home app:


  1. View the feed of the camera and tap History.
  2. Tap Full History and tap the event you want to save.
  3. When the event loads, tap Event Details
  4. Once the menu slides up from the bottom, at the top of the screen you should have a download icon. Use that to save your clip. 

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Thank you so much found it !



The new version of the Google Home app is being pushed out when Google Nest turns it on FOR YOUR MOBILE DEVICE on the Google Nest servers. We upgraded to the latest version of the Google Home app (iOS version) over a week ago, but the new version suddenly appeared two days ago on one of our iPhones, but NOT on the other iPhone or on my iPad.  It's an unusual way to roll out a new software version.

Thank you. I'm on Android, but another reply told me how to get it. Thanks so much for the information.  The nest ap shows no devices for me, just google home does so I could not even your that anyway.

Thank You

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone,

@Jfutyb, thanks for reaching out here in the Community. We're glad that your concern is resolved now. We’ll consider this one complete so let us know if you have other questions or concerns as I will be locking this after 24 hours. Feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.

I appreciate your suggestions, Darrsil and MplsCustomer.