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Chromecast Ultra stopped showing the options menu for Youtube

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Like it says above Chromecast Ultra stopped showing the options menu for YouTube. used to get a preview of stuff to choose from but it isn't there anymore. The mini says it is displayed on the screen and asks me to choose but nothing is there. If I say a number, it starts playing. Both dongles quit showing it at the same time. They both have the same firmware and I have even done a factory rest on one of them. It still isn't showing on the screen. Anyone have this issue before?

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Hi everyone,


We apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience. Our team has identified the issue and is currently working on a fix. I'll keep this thread open and I'll let you know once we have news to share.




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@Jeran @JenniferV it is coming up to a year since my issues started. What gives? This has been as reliable as Chromecast has been...... not showing any results and having us guess.

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Im getting rid of my google home speakers and my google chromes... but even on facebook marketplace I cant get any money from them since millions of other people are getting rid of their google junk all at the same time. If I had google stock (I dont anymore) I will be cashing out fast.

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Same here, additional info when I would ask, google to show me videos of ex ex ex X, it would turn on my television and sound bar and display “thumbnails“ with numbers for the various choices found, and I could ask Google to show me more and it would scroll to the next group. Now when I ask Google to show me YouTube videos of XXX with the TV and sound bar still turned off, it will respond with showing choices of XXX, which one would you like? And then,… Once I guess and call out a number, it then, and only then turns on the TV and sound bar and plays that YouTube video. 

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It has been several months with no updates and hasn't worked in over 6 months @JenniferV

Original unsolved but marked solved thread

Link to original thread

same issue. Still ... Google customer service used to be good

@Jeran instead of merging without saying anything why don't you give some insight on the issue or say where @JenniferV went. It has been several months with no updates or answers. Just left on solved with nothing solved.

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I’m following this thread. Same issue here. It’s been happening for months for us. Any updates? Hopefully a resolution is found soon.

lol google already took your money, they aint fixing nothing..

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@Jeran @JenniferV it is coming up to a year since my issues started. What gives? This has been as reliable as Chromecast has been...... not showing any results and having us guess.

Having the exact same issue for a long time now and it’s driving me insane. I reset reboot everything I even went and bought a brand new chromcast and that was worse then the other one so I plugged the old one back in. 

Thanks for heads up. Thought about doing that too!  

Wonder if @Jeran or @JenniferV got the Google axe. Haven't heard a peep out of either of them. 

I have the dongle for the TV and using voice commands through my Google home. I started a thread on this almost 2 years ago and still no solution and it was marked as answered and locked after a year. Would like for it to work like it used to again. 


Original thread Thread link 

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Same issue as everyone else, for about a year now.

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Cmon Google, just fix it already!! If you know what it is!?

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Sadly it looks like Google home quality has gone downhill. It used to be scary good with voice recognition. Now it gets things wrong half the time or will say "I'm not sure how to do that" when I ask something like "play xyz on Netflix". Even though it knows what to do when I ask exactly the same thing again (on the hub you can see what it heard, so I know it heard correctly both times).


Then this feature stopped working that everyone here is also complaining about. It no longer previews the options. I just have to guess.


Given what Chat GPT can do, I'm very disappointed in Google.

well chatgpt is going to take all googles search business and soon, and they know it. I would not be surprised if the google founders are quietly liquidating all their stock before the big drops start to happen..

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Can Google refund my Chromecast purchases or buy me a Roku or something that actually works? 


This has been happening for months. It's not being worked on, obviously. There have been firmware pushes since the issue was noted.

What EXACTLY is the problem, Google? 

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I have the same issue with the chromecast....after more than half year the problem is still present. 

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Almost February 2023 and no dice.  Totally annoyed.  I've got YouTube app on the smart TV. I've got YouTube on my phone's.  I've got too YouTube signed in every device with my Google account.   She'll tell me they are on my TV but nothing shows but ambient mode of my Google photos or artwork.  I'm taking a stab here but if almost seems like the Samsung TV with all the bells and whistles isn't communicating properly with Google. Sometimes she can't turn it on and off too.  I wish Google, Apple, Samsung and everyone else could get their stuff together and stop this my platform only nonsense.  I was going to take my Chromecast downstairs to the living room and plug it in to check it out with the LG TV. But I think that will send me over the edge today. All this used to work on my basic TV. SMH

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I have an LG TV and this hasn't worked for almost a year.  😡

It isn't your tv. My LG and JVC have the Chromecast Ultra dongle and my Vizio tvs are built in Chromecast. All are doing the same thing. Just showing the background picture slideshow and saying there are options to choose from.

Hi! So does that mean you have an actual android TV? I was thinking of upgrading AGAIN and putting the Samsung in a lesser used room or the up north cabin, for when I allow a TV to be used.  Yeah, I'm that go outside guy, I don't care how old you are, go play outside 😂

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I am having same issue for almost a year, its super annoying. Google please fix is before you fire more engineers. 

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The shame here is that if this community didn't exist, we'd all be better off.

Sure, the issue would still frustrate, but we wouldn't feel lied to, ignored, and witness Google's incompetency at managing even a simple user forum.

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I have this issue as well. @JenniferV  help us 🙏

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For the past week my Google Home Mini won't display my Recommended YouTube results. It's irritating. I'll ask it to show me my recommended results and it shows a blank screen of boxes. WTH? 

Welcome to the club; some of us have been here for over a year with the same issue. I am surprised to read that this option was working for you so recently. I guess I just figured it no longer works for anyone since Google didn't care to either respond to the many complaints or fix it. 

Insane! I guess i'm lucky. Just happened a week ago. i figured it just needed a reboot - nope. Also if I select "media" it doesn't even show up there where it used to show YouTube recommendations prior. How have they not addressed this and there is nowhere to go to get support for it either.  

That's funny. You should mention that now when I start my YouTube on my smart TV all the selections are blank. I have to go to the home, go up and down the sidebar search for something or go into my history before the home page will show all my suggested stuff. I don't know what's going on. And when I ask my assistant she'll say I don't have any answers for that. But I found something else and it's like almost the reverse.  SMH not sure WTF. 

It's ridiculous. How have they not addressed this? 

In typical corporate fashion, we've already purchased the product. They don't care. 

Yes, I even asked Google in other forums like Instagram, and nothing but a generic response of "We are sorry to hear that" and then silence. 

Brutal! We need to shame Google for ignoring customers. 

Riduculous and totally not acceptable. 

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Hi there! Can I ask if you made any changes to any settings at all? Language or changing your google assistant’s voice or anything like that? Age restrictions? Anything you can recall? Thank you! 

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I factory reset the Assitant and the Chromecast and reset the router multiple times. I even got a new router. I changed the assistant language one time, but that did not help. Ever since I have used Chromecast only to cast my phone, asking the assistant just does not work. Iended up buying an Amazon Fire tv stick. What a sad club to join, huh? Sorry, you are also having this issue. 

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They are most likely discontinuing all Chromecast dongles in favor of Google TV. ( remote)  
They just don't want to say yet because they are still on the shelf for sale.

It isn't just the dongles that are affected though. Seems like it is all Chromecast. 

Yeah, they want you to use the microphone on the remote for the Google TV... not the google home speaker.

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Hi Kimmy,Hi KimmyDon’t

by the time they figure it out, most people have gone for other products you think Google is very slow?