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Chromecast works intermittently on my brand new 77 inch TV

Community Member

I was surprised at how easy it was to cast a video to my Tv until it just froze in the middle and it will not work anymore.  Originally I used Chromecast from my IPAD so I thought maybe it might be intermittent WIFI so I moved to my PC which is hardwired and tried again with no luck.  I then reset my TV.  Again no luck.  I really want to be able to use this to stream live music content from  I've got it to work one time flawlessly then today it quit and I can't fix it.  I had Geek squad install the TV.  It is a Sony 77 inch with Google TV built in.  It also has Airplay built tin.  It doesn't work either. Are there settings that need to be tweaked?  Is this technology just flaky?  Is there anywhere I can get help?  I hate spending 3500.00 on a TV where the apps don't work.  I'm using Spectrum internet with their GIG service so I don't think it's slow internet.  If anybody has any ideas I would appreciate the input