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Using Chromecast with google tv connected to my Denon x3700 receiver.  For the past year HDR worked perfectly.  Now suddenly It lists HDR and Dolby Vision as unsupported formats.  The HDMI ports are HDCP 2.2. Ive tried a different hdmi input on the receiver - same problem.  Using high speed HDMI cables. Not clear why the Chromecast suddenly stopped supporting HDR.   Both Chromecast and receiver have the latest firmware.  

please advise. 


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Hi, some settings you can adjust manumally. Try to mark required settings manually. Unless the option is inactive and cannot be selected. What is the situation? Did it happen after the last update of any of your devices (Chromecast, Denon, TV)?

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Hi folks,


Thanks for the help here, robus_pl.


jhakimian, could you please try to plug in directly the Chromecast with Google TV on a TV screen instead of the receiver to isolate the issue? Also, please try to reboot and reset your Chromecast with Google TV. You may also check if your receiver's firmware version is updated.




I’ve done all those things- it still says that HDR is not a supported format- even when connected directly to a TV.  All firmware is up to date on all devices.   Reboots and factory resets of the Chromecast have not helped.  

Is it greyed option or only described as not supported?

Are you saying that you didn't change anything and HDR gone away?

Says it’s not supported.  

But can you choose it? Tick it?


OK, then this changes the situation.

I thingk Google has to do some research in case of using amplituner inbetween Chromecast and TV. There are some people who have problem with that. 

I am not sure of what is the way that Chromecast checks if receiver is HDR ready. I don't know what is the way that receiver sends the answer to the Chromecast. For me this answer doesn't reach the Chromecast back.

I believe that if we could test any hardware Blu-ray 4K HDR capable player, we would get it working fine. Including HDR+. Chromecast is more software, then hardware device. So we could expect software update in that case if this is possible and if Google has rights to do that. 

As soon as I have started looking for any smart TV solution I learned, that most of them are so called "black box". What is inside is a mistery. Also this black box is used by many sellers but in different cover. 

If Google intention is to have better product, the it has to be more open. This forum is mostly for customers to help each other. Sometimes we can see Google intrvention. Not very often. Mostly each action is a kind of guessing. But we have many same type of problems. What is Google doing with his products? Releasing new ones. Next generations. That means for me what we get is hard to improve. Each device has its own limitations.

I am getting bored sooner, then I expected with helping people. Always the same problems. Often not solved. A lot of random problems. Often not solved. We as customers have to test the same solutions with different TV and Ampli. Reset, configure from the begginning, connect to different TV, change HDMI cable, chnge CEC, ARC settings there and back... everything was working fine, then stopped... OMG.

What a strange times and products.... even if they are cheap.

Where are the manuals, described limitattions written in comprehensive way? 

Will I have the same problems in the future?

I've found that other members of the forum have had the same problem- it appears that you were part of that conversation as well. See link:


What was the solution there?

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Hey there jhakimian,

Did you have any more questions or need any additional help with this? Also, I appreciate your help and feedback, robus_pl!

Thank you,

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Community Specialist

Hey jhakimian,

Did you have any more questions or need any additional help? If not, I'll go ahead and lock up this thread in 24 hours.

Just checking up,