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Unable to sign into Chromecast stuck on "Verify that it's you" page

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I forgot my password when using a buying something from google play store so elected to change the password, has worked fine on all other devices but for the life of me I cannot sign into the chromecast plugged into my tv everytime i sign in it just brings me back to the "Verify that it's you" page and I have to start all over I have tried 2 point authenticator from clicking the "it's me" button on my phone and using a code sent by SMS. but nothing has worked. I have even tried signing into my other google account which I know the password but this hasn't worked either, i've also unplugged the chromecast, uninstalled the google home and TV apps from my phone and restarted but no joy, i stumbled across a person who had the exact same problem as me from 2021 but there were no answers to it, please see below previous thread pulled


I have spent over 3 hours & still unable to get my Chromecast for Google TV I purchased today.
I have reseted the Chromecast for Google TV to factory settings 3 times now & I still can't get it working. The set up process seemed to work fine, I connected it all through the Google Home app & then finished the set up via the remote (I did have to press the back arrow on the remote however to be able to finish the set up).
I thought that I had it all set up correctly, it was connected to my personal Gmail account, the apps installed & then I get to a screen that says:
Verify that's it's you
You were signed out of your Google Account.
Sign in again to continue using your device.


When I select 'Sign in', it loads for 2secs & then returns to the same screen.
If I select 'Settings' it takes me into the Chromecast for Google TV settings for just a few seconds & then returns back to the 'Verify that it's you' screen.
This is so frustrating. I have spent all night trying to set this up, Google promotes its products as being so easy to set up & use, that's not true at all. I have a Google account & for some reason it won't let me get into the Chromecast for Google TV home screen.
I have been reading various forums online & it seems there are a large number of people that are experiencing the same issue. One person said that spoke with Google & were instructed to do a manual set up & allow the firmware to update & then it seemed to work. I have no idea how to do this & why I would even have to?
I have done everything correctly, 3 times over, I'm reasonably familiar with Google products, I also own 3 Chromecasts which work fine.
I thought the Chromecast for Google TV was going to be a great product, how wrong could I be. I should have just purchased an Amazon Fire TV Stick for half the price.
I was excited to get this up & running so I could have all my various streaming apps on the one streaming device via 1 HDMI port on my TV.
Is anyone aware of a solution to this?


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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the trouble, our engineering team has let us know the issue is now resolved and you should be able to log in to your account as usual. If you continue to run into this behavior, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

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I'm having the exact same issue on the same day as you. Just keeps looping me back to verify it's you over and over again.

Google support is useless as per usual, they just tell me to factory reset the device.

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I added a second account to the device and am now able to use it. First account still doesn't work, but I can use the device normally.

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I did the same but that only a work around and not a solution. Also no word from customer support.  

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After you add a second account, remove the first one amd then add it again. It will work

So **bleep** stupid 

This ENTIRE Google Home concept had so many great things it COULD HAVE done. But, they spent all their time buying companies they should have worked with, smashed so many toes trying to use their hamfist to get it done more GOOGLY 🤮


NEST, GOOGLE ,CHROMECAST (Don't get me started on having to say Ok/hey Google and having to hear it repeat what I told it to do in some type of "look what I can do"), can it not just work? 

Or maybe you should just give up on it like you have so many other great things you've started only to throw them to the side with zero**bleep**s given about the CONSUMER. 

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I signed in to Google on my down stairs tv and now neither of my devices are working

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I'm having the same issue here and just contacted support waiting for their reply. I don't want to reset my device and re-install all my apps. 

Community Member

Adding another google account seems to at least to have made the device usable again

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I was able to fix it after the looping verify problem. I already have a second account, so I did these steps

Remove the problem account

Open secondary account


Add wanted account


I tried this and it only worked for a day. The problem came back with the wanted email.

Community Member

Is there any update on this? I'm facing a similar issue where I recently changed my google account password & no matter what I do , the login screen comes back to "Verify , it's you". I have so many softwares already installed on it so do not want to factory reset it.

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Also reset my password yesterday and stuck in this loop

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Oh **bleep**. This is the fresh hell I've been living this last week & appears to be the same nightmare, only I found this thread after the factory reset was begrudgingly done. 😫


After I removed my 2nd account (which was the Initial account installed on the rogue Google TV Chromecast) I didn't think to reinstall it & stuff around reinstalling & deleting the other account however the fact I've spent past week on trying to resolve this I do recall seeing intue Networks & Setti ng's page that my activity had been restricted or revoked.

I fixed mine (and I'm aware this fix isn't available for everyone sadly), I got my friend to sign in with her account.  I then deleted my account from the chromecast, I turned off 2fa on my account (dunno if that helped...) and then I signed in like a brand new user... that worked and I deleted my friends account after

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Same issue. Spent way too long repeatedly typing in my very long password until I googled it and saw other people were having the same issue. Second account method worked for me. Not great, Google, please fix this aggravating issue. 

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I had this same issue for a couple of days and here’s how I solved it.  To preface this, I was also experiencing that I could only stream live (FAST) content eg Hulu live and  not videos on demand.  I’m unsure if the issues are related.  To remedy the issue I added a second account and deleted the first.  Next  I added the deleted account again back on the device and deleted the newest account.  It hasn’t been 24 hours yet but so far so good.


thanks for sharing this! will give it a shot, shame on google for this BS

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I have the same issue were you able to fix it

Yes, follow the instructions in my post!

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I Got this from google when I sent them this thread on messenger and told them this was insane! They had me do a factory reset on my Chromecast and it worked.

From the Chromecast device
  1. While the Chromecast is plugged into the TV and powered on, press and hold the button on the back of the Chromecast. The LED should start to blink yellow.
  2. When the LED light turns solid white, release the button and the Chromecast will then reset.

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also, change your password to your original account

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This isn't a fix, but you can hold the home screen button and go to settings at the top. You can scroll down to apps and at very least, still watch youtube, rumble or whatever apps you have.  

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super clutch thank you, what a disaster i just wasted 45 min trying to bypass Google continually asking me to input my correct password over and over and over again. No customer service available anymore it seems, im disappointed in google but this isnt surprising. 

Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the trouble, our engineering team has let us know the issue is now resolved and you should be able to log in to your account as usual. If you continue to run into this behavior, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

Hey Kelan,


Appreciate the response.  Unsure if this is related but I am not able to sign into my subscriptions via Chromecast device after I was able to log in.   Has this issue been flagged on your side?




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I changed my Google password and when I try to sign in to Chromecast it cannot get passed "Verify it is You "page.

It keeps looping in the following way:

1. Start at "Verify it is You" on TV Screen

2. Select Sign In on TV Screen

3. Enter Password on TV Screen

4. Confirm 2 factor authentication is sent to mobile phone

5. On mobile phone select "Yes it is me"

6. TV screen blanks and then returns to "Verify it is You" on TV Screen

7. Repeats steps 1-6 above 

I tried unplugging Chromecast and repowering it. Still the same issue.

I tried disabling 2FA - after step 3 above it just returns step 1 so that did not solve it.

Anything else I can try?





Also -- I went to my Google account's Security settings using a Chrome browser on a separate computer and noted that my Chromecast is showing as logged in under the list of "Your devices". So Google thinks I am logged in to the Chromecast and yet the Chromecast still keeps asking me to "Verify it's you". 


Also noting that I found that long pressing the Home button on the Chromecast remote will get me to a window where I can open the Settings. From here I verified I have the latest software update and was able to perform a Restart, Unfortunately, none of this helped as even after a reboot and re-entering of the password, I am still asked to "Verify it's you" ....

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This is happening to me today and I haven't changed my password

Community Member

I changed my password, and have the exact same problem on my 2 Chromecast's; I've reset the modem, changed my password again, reset the chromcasts, and so far I'm still stuck in the same loop you are in. So far I haven't found anything on the internet that has corrected the problem.


This fix is working for me so far (note I have the Chromecast 4K with the oval shaped remote) -- but it is not working for everyone with this problem. What I did was:

1. Add a different gmail account to the chromecast. To get past the "Verify it's you" prompt, I was able to long press the Home button for 3-5 seconds on the remote and another window popped up where I could get to the settings gear and then add an account.

2. Once you are signed in with the second account, then remove the wanted email account

3. Once the wanted email account is removed, then go to the settings gear and navigate to "add account" 

4. Once I went to the add account step - the QR code appeared on the TV with an option to manually enter the information.  Since manually entering the information had not worked before, I just scanned the QR code on the screen with my phone which was signed with the wanted account. The QR code took me to link on my phone where I just selected to sign in. Once that happened I was signed in an everything worked fine since (going on a few days now).

If this had not worked my next step was  to try a factory reset (by going to the settings gear and navigating to that option - or I could press and hold the button the chromecast unit itself until the reset registered). 

Being that I was able to add the account via the QR code, I am wondering if that is why it was successful since this process never asked for the "Verify its you" information. 

I have a feeling the "Verify its you" function on the chromecast (or Google head end) is suddenly broken due to some recent software update and if that is case it may take weeks/months before it is fixed.

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It required to verify so I resigned in and it still come out with the same screen, nothing work, literally nothing. stop bringing us porblem and disappointment to google chromecast and no problem solved. i have had enough with your problem sh$$$t. Just look into this as fast as possble, you problem avoider 


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Hi there looks like a lot of people got the same bug as i do after changing their google account password . 

Im unable to get past the relogging screen, it ask to  enter the password, i do, then it bring me right back to the same place asking for the password again . 

here's a reddit post about : it