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chromecast built-in poor quality

Community Member

I have a tcl 50c715 Android tv with chromecast built-in, it's doing great job when casting from by phone directly when casting screen, but when I cast from several of my windows 10/11 laptop to  the tv it has poor quality, just like 360p video with about 1~5seconds lag and does not sync with video nomatter how high or how low the resolution is, I've tried using both ethernet and wifi5GHz, reset chromecast built-in, reinstall update, full device reboot, even hard reset the tv and none of them worked.

By the way my router model is Asus RT-AC58U with latest firmware, and had optomized to tv cast settings, also all of my devices does not using any vpn


Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hi @ericbig66 ,

When you are casting from Windows are you casting from an enabled app or from Chrome? If you can cast from Youtube and the embedded cast option and the resolution looks fine then you can isolate this to the laptop being an issue.

As far as that goes, close other programs, tabs, apps etc. Turn off any battery saving modes etc.

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Thaks for replying, cast from YouTube or any web page supported by chromecast natively works perfectly but casting desktop or a tab would cause the poor quality issue, running on a fairly new computer would just result the same, I have tried the methods you mension above, but the problem still remains. I don't think the problem would come from my laptop it's DELL inspiron 16 5625, with 16GB of RAM, maybe it could be chrome's problem.  I wondering how much bandwith does a chromecast actually need, my router is a Gigabit level router with latency just around 6 ms when I have 15 devices connected to it.