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Assistant is dumb when adding asking it to add items to a shopping list

Community Member

"Ok Google, add something to my shopping list"

What do you want to add?

I listed two items, in a sentence, struggling to say them fast enough before your rediculous voice recognition timer runs out and automatically stores what I said, even if I wasn't finished saying it. (Voice typing with Google Assistant gets it right, and it's how Google Home devices should work.)

Got it, what do you want to call it?
Ok, created a list called "What"

"Hey Google, add something to my shopping list"
I listed of two things I needed.
It added them to my list, but instead of doing it as one item on one line, it decided to "intelligently" separate them

  • onto
  • different lines,
  • butchering what I listed, like this

What I said was was intended to be stored as a full sentence, and was now listed across three lines. This has happened before many times.




We don't use Google Assistant's "shopping list" function. However, my guess is that you're probably expecting way too much by hoping it can add an entire sentence to your shopping list. Their examples are pretty basic:

No, I'm not. It's a very simple operation that uses functionality it already has. Nothing says that a lists feature should be reduced to a few words per entry. 
It's a list feature, not a shopping list feature.