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Casting YouTube videos to a Nest Hub: loses video paused and idle, doesn't sync playback progress

Community Member

I frequently cast YouTube videos to a Nest Hub Gen 2.

If the video is idle for too long after pausing, when I click on the Nest Hub,

  • the video is gone
  • I have to open my smartphone and manually reconnect the casting to it, and play the video.
  • Sometimes the video progress of where I was last watching did not sync to my account, so I have to manually search through it. Sometimes it remembers.

I have YouTube history enabled. Why can't it just pull from that and always, at least, show my most recently cast video on the Hub interface?

At best, it should have a "recently vast" section for YouTube. If that's a privacy option

  • make it optional or
  • Make it tied to a voice command of "show my recently cast videos" before they will show up.